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Spotless Gutter Cleaning & Repair of NJ, Inc. strives to deliver excellence, attention to detail and quality work while operating with integrity for every customer. For over twenty years, we’ve proudly offered gutter cleaning service plans that are customized, easy, and the most worry-free way to protect your home from water damage. We are rooted in the local community and we care about our customers, staying focused on doing the right thing. If you have questions or just need help selecting the right service plan, give us a call at 973-936-3464.

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Benefits of Having A Spotless Gutter Cleaning Service Plan

  • Customized scheduling when you want it
  • Free priority emergency scheduling
  • Includes free minor gutter repairs
  • Discounted gutter replacement
  • Gold Plan – 10% off discount applied to the entire service plan
  • Silver Plan – 5% off discount applied to the entire service plan

Three Plan Levels:

Annual Maintenance Service Plans - Three Levels

Gold Service PlanThe Gold Service Plan

This plan provides the best, most comprehensive gutter coverage throughout the course of a year. Our gold service plan schedule includes four (4) cleanings from April – December.


In April through June, the trees will begin to reproduce. Oak moss, seed pods, buds, “helicopters”, ragweed, and other debris will shed from the trees. This debris is like a sponge that quickly clogs the gutters and leaders. These clogs, eventually, lead to gutter damage and possibly water damage to your home.


In July through August the summer thunderstorms are here. These storms will rip large, heavy debris off the trees, along with branches and twigs.


Come September and October, the fall is here! The debris will start to fall in early late September and into October, and continue steadily until December. The best way to control the overwhelming volume of fall debris and limit water damage to your home is to clean your gutters regularly in the fall.


Pre-winter months of November through December and even into January can never be a bad time to ensure that your biggest investment is protected against the harsh north east winter.

Silver Service PlanThe Silver Service Plan

This plan provides the best, most comprehensive gutter coverage throughout the course of a year for the budget conscious person. Our silver service plan schedule includes three (3) cleanings from April – December.

Bronze Service PlanThe Bronze Service Plan

This plan provides the basic and minimum gutter cleaning plan throughout the course of a year. Our bronze service plan schedule includes two (2) cleanings from April – December.

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